Bankruptcy Counselling


Bankruptcy can be long and potentially confusing process.  Sometimes, just the filing process itself can take months to complete. The federal government requires all individuals to take two sessions of Bankruptcy Counseling which don’t take long to complete and can be the most painless part of filing for bankruptcy. Here is an idea of what you can expect.

First Counselling Session

In the first counselling session, licensed insolvency trustee will discuss and provide the consumer in the areas of:


During the second counselling session, the licensed insolvency trustee will work with the consumer to determine the sources and causes of budget concerns and insolvency.  The trustee will:

These counseling sessions are just two steps within the overall journey of eliminating debt through bankruptcy. It is not a quick fix with processes taking several months to potentially several years, depending on the situation. 

With this in mind, Fox-Miles & Associates is here to support you through process and help give you the tools to navigate what bankruptcy involves and help you clean you slate and make a fresh start. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.