Financial stress can take a huge toll on a marriage. Clients seeking Edmonton debt help from us often report that financial problems are the number one strain on their relationship.

In some situations, debt can lead to breakdown of the marriage and divorce. Mounting debt (such as credit cards, loans and lines of credit), disagreements about spending levels, and difficulties with sticking to the household budget are among the financial stressors that can plague a relationship. All of these issues are tough during a marriage and can be even tougher when a marriage ends. Navigating a divorce while sorting out responsibility for debt (whether jointly or individually held) and trying to set up a new life that is financially independent of your ex is no easy feat.



The good news is that there are solutions to relieve your financial stress, whether you are married or at the end of a relationship. Learning more about finances and making a combined effort to pay off stressful debts may save your relationship. Conversely, if the relationship has already ended, it is still an option for exes to work together to pay off debt before divorcing. Edmonton debt counsellors at Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. Licensed Insolvency Trustee specialize in relieving financial distress. We provide helpful financial advice from compassionate, qualified credit counsellors, and your first consultation is free so you have nothing to lose (except the feeling of being overwhelmed by your finances). Call our offices today at 780-444-3939 to schedule your free consultation. Let’s talk about the ways we can help.



We provide debt help to individuals and couples. Our qualified credit counsellors will review your financial situation – debts, income and assets – and then discuss your options. Our debt solution services include:

  • Credit Counselling: We will customize a realistic payment schedule and work with you to make sure you follow this budget.

  • Application for Orderly Payment of Debts:We can assist Alberta residents with filing an application for a Court Order that consolidates all unsecured debt into one monthly payment with a fixed interest rate of 5%, paid over a set period of time and distributed through the courts.

  • Consumer Proposal:We prepare a consumer proposal on your behalf that allows you to arrange partial payments of everything you owe, and in turn, you sign a binding legal agreement to follow through with the payment schedule. Once an Edmonton consumer proposal is accepted, the debt collection process stops. That means debt collectors are not allowed to contact you anymore – a benefit that cannot be overstated when it comes to relieving financial stress.

  • Personal Bankruptcy:After carefully reviewing your financial situation, we can determine if bankruptcy is an appropriate course of action for you. If so, our Edmonton bankruptcy trustees will guide you through every step of the process.

Fox-Miles & Associates Licensed Insolvency Trustee Edmonton can help with all of these options. The first step is to come to our office for a free consultation. After reviewing your financial statements, we will discuss the range of options that would fit your circumstances, weigh the pros and cons of each option with you, and work with you to create a strategy for obtaining results.



There are a several aspects of debt that are specific to couples who are divorcing or divorced. Here are a few points of note from our Edmonton debt counsellors:

  • A separated or divorced couple can still file a joint bankruptcy or joint consumer proposal.
  • Bankruptcy does not discharge outstanding spousal support or child support payments (this is because of federal law, specifically, section 178 (1)(b) Canada’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act).
  • Spouses can make a separation agreement that deals with how they will divide joint debt between themselves, but that agreement does not eliminate jointly held debt in the eyes of a creditor (in other words, unless the lender agrees otherwise, if one spouse defaults or files for bankruptcy, creditors can still pursue the other spouse for payment of a joint debt regardless of what the spouses agreed to in their separation agreement).



Whether you are married or at the end of your relationship, we can provide you with solutions to relieve your financial stress. Call 780-444-3939 today to arrange your free consultation with us at Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. Licensed Insolvency Trustee Edmonton. We provide debt help and debt counselling in Edmonton and to clients in the surrounding areas including Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, Hinton and Edson. Contact us today.