CRA Debt

If you cannot pay the full amount you owe now, take action by contacting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) right away. Ignoring your debt does not make it go away. In fact, waiting may make any financial or legal consequences more serious.

The CRA will work with you to resolve your tax debt or other government programs debt. You may qualify for one of the options below that help individuals and businesses meet their payment responsibilities.


A payment arrangement is an agreement you make with the CRA. It allows you to make smaller payments over time until you have paid your entire debt including applicable interest.


In some circumstances, you may be able to ask for relief from penalties and interest charges and reduce the overall amount you or your business owes. For more information, and to see if your situation qualifies, see Taxpayer relief provisions.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers legislation that gives the Minister of National Revenue discretion to cancel or waive penalties or interest

CRA Tax Payment Plan

CRA Collections Student Loans

CRA Debt Forgiveness