CRA Debt Forgiveness


The CRA collects amounts owed for other government programs. For a list, see debts the CRA collects.

If you are currently unable to pay off the entire debt of your other government programs, you may qualify for a payment arrangement or help under the financial hardship provisions.

Payment Arrangements

A payment arrangement is an agreement you make with the CRA. It allows you to make smaller payments until you have paid your entire debt, including applicable interest.

Financial Hardship Provisions

If your debt repayment makes it difficult for you to pay for housing, food, utilities, and other necessities, you may qualify for help under the financial hardship provisions.

Your responsibility is to contact the CRA if repaying your debt is causing you financial hardship. The CRA will take your situation into account when reviewing your request.

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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) administers legislation that gives the Minister of National Revenue discretion to:

This legislation is commonly called the taxpayer relief provisions.

Cancel or Waive Penalties or Interest

The Minister may grant relief from penalties or interest when the following types of situations prevent a taxpayer from meeting their tax obligations: