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Let’s face it: the past few years have been tough for Alberta. Our province has experienced significant job losses, business closures, and a declining economy. Chances are you know somebody impacted by the economic downturn or have been affected yourself. If you’re struggling to cope with financial pressures, contact the Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. team. We offer comprehensive insolvency solutions to individuals and businesses in Edmonton and can help you turn the corner on financial problems.

We specialize in four key areas of insolvency:

While bankruptcy is not always the first-choice option for individuals hindered by debt, it is an effective method for addressing significant financial problems. Credit card debt, overdue loans, and missed mortgage payments can create what can seem like insurmountable challenges. However, the Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. team can work with you to develop a coherent plan to tackle your finances and reduce your debt and stress.

As debt-to-income ratios continue to increase in Canada, it’s no surprise that many families, individuals, and businesses are starting to feel the pinch, nor is it surprising that some are in dire financial straits. As debt burdens increase, so does the possibility of disastrous financial outcomes. Taking charge of your economic issues should be a top priority and can help prevent further difficulties. If you’re experiencing difficulty managing your financial affairs, contact Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. We can help you take stock of your finances, manage your money and debt load, and improve your credit score.

When financial pressure becomes too much to bear—when it seems you’re drowning in overdue invoices and struggling to keep up with payroll—it might be time to consider filing for corporate bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can create the conditions for clearing your debt, prevent collection calls, and free you from what can seem like never-ending anxiety. At Fox-Miles & Associates Inc., we don’t believe that bankruptcy carries any stigma and understand the strains and pressures that our clients can experience.

Do collection agencies hound you? Do you receive calls and letters demanding money and threatening legal action? Unfortunately, ignoring them seldom makes them go away and worsens the situation. It can be challenging to see a way out when your calculations show that the money isn’t there. However, a consumer proposal could be the answer. Consumer proposals are practical tools for restructuring and reducing debt, protecting assets and income, and staving off bankruptcy.

Compassionate Experts.

If you need help from a licensed insolvency trustee in Edmonton, get in touch with the compassionate and expert team at Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. today. We’re here to show you the way out of debt.