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Rhonda Fox-Miles has been helping her clients with insolvency issues since 1999. We assess your financial situation and determine your expenses. The four critical areas of insolvency which we deal with are:

Personal bankruptcy can be a scary proposition. It is also not the right financial tool to use in all situations. Our team of experienced insolvency trustees will assist you in developing the best financial plan to help relieve you from your debts. We help you wipe your slate clean!

Financial debt can be a crippling problem. Credit counselling can help you get your finances in order. Take charge of your finances rather than letting your finances control you. We can help you take stock of your finances, manage your debt and budget correctly, and improve your credit score.

Corporate bankruptcy in Hinton may be your only option. If you are having trouble with invoices and keeping up with payroll, it may be time to talk about Corporate Bankruptcy. Stop the collection calls and clear your slate. We will help guide you through the process in a kind and considerate way. At Fox-Miles & Associates Inc., we don’t believe that bankruptcy carries any stigma and understand the strains and pressures that our clients can experience.

Do you receive calls and letters demanding money and threatening legal action? A consumer proposal in Hinton is a financial tool that allows you to restructure and reduce your debt. You can protect your assets and income as well as prevent bankruptcy. Let our team of experts help you with your consumer proposal today!

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