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Rhonda Fox-Miles has been helping her clients with insolvency issues since 1999. We assess your financial situation and determine your expenses. The four critical areas of insolvency which we deal with are:

We understand that declaring personal bankruptcy is not easy. It is also not the right solution in most cases. Our Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. team works with you to develop a plan to tackle your financial issues and reduce your debt.

If you are going through a financial crunch, leave the worries to us. We will help you manage your finances and debts and help you improve your credit score.

You can file for corporate bankruptcy if your company cannot pay debts. It will clear your debts and stop collection calls. We help you understand the scenario and guide you on tackling the issues accordingly.

If you file a consumer proposal, you can repay a portion of your debt. Helping you start over and stop the collection calls. For any assistance, speak to your licenced insolvency trustees in Fort Saskatchewan.

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