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At Fox-Miles & Associates Inc., we understand that life happens. Best-laid plans can often go awry, and with them, a sense of financial security. That’s why we provide expert insolvency trustee services to the community of Sherwood Park to help local individuals and businesses come to grips with their finances and plot a path toward solvency and a brighter future.

If you’re struggling to meet financial pressures, our dedicated, experienced team will help you. After we have assessed your financial situation, we will tailor a package that meets your specific needs and get you back in the black. Our insolvency services include the following:

Personal Bankruptcy is designed for private individuals. Our bankruptcy service is catered to individuals grappling with personal debt. Whether you’re hampered by credit card debt, missed mortgage payments, and loan payments, or you’ve been through a difficult divorce, we can help you get back on your feet with a fully customized plan.

Mathematical literacy is a term often used concerning education, but rarely, if ever, is financial literacy. Many Canadians have difficulty understanding the relationship between their income and debt—usually taking on more than they should. It’s an easy mistake to make, but unfortunately, it can have catastrophic consequences for not only one’s finances but also one’s credit score. If you need help managing your debt load or want to improve your credit score, Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. is here.

When you’re overwhelmed by past-due invoices, straining to pay salaries or keeping the lights on, it’s time to think about bankruptcy. When you successfully file for bankruptcy, you can restructure and reduce your monthly debt burden to a manageable level. Filing for bankruptcy is not always straightforward, so contact Fox-Miles & Associates Inc. and speak to one of our licenced bankruptcy trustees. Serving the Sherwood Park community, our team can help you navigate the process and ensure that your filing has the best possible chance for success.

Finding oneself shackled by heavy debts is a stressful experience—and it’s not made any better when the debt collectors call. The temptation to allow the phone to ring out and not to return calls is natural, but it’s a temptation that never leads to a good place. Your best option may well be a consumer proposal. A consumer proposal can help you reduce your debt and restructure it according to an achievable timetable. Consumer proposals, if accepted, can also protect your assets and prevent bankruptcy.

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