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If you are facing financial hardship and an uncertain financial future, it is time to consult with Edmonton’s highest-rated bankruptcy trustee. Our team of licensed bankruptcy trustees will help you plan and recover from your current situation. We will help you navigate through the bankruptcy process with compassion and dignity.

You are not alone. Many people will experience financial difficulties throughout their lives. Depending on the severity of a debt situation, you may require some financial education and guidance. There are many options to explore in your search for a financial resolution; these can include:

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Understanding all the debt relief solutions available is essential before selecting the best course of action. Our Licensed Bankruptcy Trustees will thoroughly explain each option, including its pros and cons, and then work with you to choose your best path to successful financial recovery. Our team recognizes that this is an incredibly stressful situation for you.

The pressures of mounting debts and financial security can devastate you and your loved ones. Our team will compassionately guide you through each step of the bankruptcy process to ensure you come out confident in your financial future. Contact our team today to book your free bankruptcy consultation.


Bankruptcy is a fresh financial start, free of the threat of unsecured creditors and the inability to meet the demands of your current financial situation. There are several reasons why declaring bankruptcy might be a suitable option. These reasons can include:

  • Inability to pay debts as they come due within a reasonable amount of time
  • If you cannot reach a settlement or an informal agreement with your creditors
  • Wages or bank accounts have been garnished
  • Constant calls from creditors
  • Loss of employment
  • Deteriorating health

Who can file for bankruptcy:

  • You must have some property and conduct business within Canada
  • You must have liabilities of over $1,000.00 to creditors, according to the BIA (Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ) – and meet one of the following conditions:
    1. Are unable to meet current financial obligations as they become due
    2. You have stopped paying the current obligations
    3. Current financial obligations exceed the fair market value of your property

Bankruptcy is a court-driven process in which the Licensed Trustee instructs and monitors the individual’s progress to assess the outcome. The duration of bankruptcy is subject to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the courts.


First-Time Claiming Bankruptcy

A first-time bankruptcy may only be nine months if all individuals’ responsibilities have been met and there is no surplus income. If surplus income occurs, the time frame is extended to a 21-month monitoring period. With the bankruptcy occurrence appearing on your credit bureau scores for six additional years, there is a misconception that you will have lousy credit during this 6-year time frame. You can start rebuilding your credit once you are discharged from bankruptcy and debt-free.

Second-Time Claiming Bankruptcy

The monitoring period for a second-time bankruptcy is 24 months. If there is surplus income, 36 months are required before a discharge can occur.

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Bankruptcy is a court-driven process designed to provide immediate relief to those declaring bankruptcy. Advantages of announcing bankruptcy include:

  • Wage garnishment stops immediately
  • Collection attempts are to be eliminated immediately
  • Credit counselling is provided
  • A clear understanding of one’s finances and potential pitfalls
  • Recognize warning signs of financial over-extension
  • Learn how to budget

When faced with mounting debts, you must contact a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee to understand how to fix your current situation. Declaring bankruptcy is a complicated, federally legislated process. To successfully declare bankruptcy, always seek assistance from a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee in Edmonton.


Below is an outline of the process of declaring bankruptcy:

  1. Schedule consultation with a licensed bankruptcy trustee
  2. Review the current financial situation with your trustee
  3. The trustee will thoroughly explain the bankruptcy process and applicable laws
  4. Review how bankruptcy will work for you, considering all your debt obligations
  5. Further review of bankruptcy laws that must be followed during the entire process
  6. Assessment of duties that the applicant must follow
  7. Upon completing the required applicant duties, your debt will be discharged under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.
  8. At this point, you will be debt-free
  9. Bankruptcy will remain on your credit bureau score for six years
  10. During the 6-year window, you will be able to begin to rebuild your credit score

What happens if I chose to declare bankruptcy?

When bankruptcy occurs, you will work with the Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) to complete your assessment. Your default will become active after filing with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB). At this point, the following occurs:

If you are considering declaring bankruptcy, contact our team of professional Licensed Bankruptcy Trustees in Edmonton. We are here to help you.